The Story of the Horse in the Living Room

If you want to be successful in the games industry, you don’t just need a very good game and a loyal fan base. The right marketing strategy is just as important. That’s the reason we don’t just focus on online marketing – TV advertising is also incredibly important in convincing new players to play our games. We’ve recently begun to delight international TV audiences with a new Goodgame Empire commercial. The filming was supervised by our TV Team, which is part of our in-house conversion department. Anton, our TV Creative Lead, explains why for the first time, we have opted for a real life spot, i.e. a commercial with real people, instead of just with animated graphics: “With our new TV campaign we want to consciously differentiate ourselves from the competition. We want to reach as broad a target audience as possible, that’s why commercials in general are our benchmark. We are certain that with this high-quality spot, which is unique in Germany for this genre, we will be able to make even more players enthusiastic about Goodgame Empire.

The filming near Hamburg was the highlight of the entire two month production. The star of the film is the horse in the medieval costume, who came along with an appropriately diva-esque attitude. A ramp had to be built as the horse outright refused to go up stairs – even though there were only three. Despite this, or maybe because of this, it didn’t take long for Smoky to attract a crowd of admirers. The school next door ensured that he had a big fan club. Thanks to scrupulous preparations – treatment, script, shot list and the contents were animated beforehand – everything was wrapped up after one day of filming so that the clip could celebrate its premiere in Germany on 1st August. 20 more countries are to follow.

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On the road to success in China

The outlook for Goodgame Studios is looking brighter and brighter. This time the good news comes from Asia, as our Business Development and Rollout teams have achieved a great success: an agreement for cooperation with Qihoo 360, China’s biggest Android app store. Goodgame Studios is the first German gaming company to work with Qihoo 360. Thanks to the agreement, Empire: Four Kingdoms will be available to the app store’s 300 million users from October 2014. Caglar and Michael, who are in charge of the project, traveled to Shanghai to attend ChinaJoy, Asia’s biggest gaming trade show, from July 31st until August 3rd, and revealed the upcoming collaboration in a joint announcement with our new partners.

“Qihoo 360 is as big in China as Google or Apple are over here, so this partnership is a huge step forward for us in the Asian market,” said Caglar, our International Business Development Manager. Goodgame Studios has already gained a secure foothold in Asia – since its launch on August 1st in the Chinese Apple App Store, Empire: Four Kingdoms has already been downloaded several hundred thousand times. Around 4000 users have rated the game, on average with 5 out of 5 stars. “In Asia we are well on the road to success. At ChinaJoy we got a lot of recognition for the fact that we don’t have a publisher in China and are doing everything ourselves,” said Michael, Product Manager Research at Goodgame Studios.

He and Caglar enjoyed their time at the trade show immensely, which is similar to European shows such as the gamescom, except that it attracts even more visitors. Free-to-play is an especially large market in China, because consoles were banned for a long time, meaning that lots of players turned to free-to-play browser games. As a result, ChinaJoy proved a great opportunity for Michael and Caglar to nurture old contacts and make new ones.

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Goodgame Studios opens the doors of Goodgame Academy

Development and training for our Goodgamers is an important feature of our company. This is why Goodgame Academy has been brought into being. This is a training program for various soft skills, such as principles of communications, or time and self-management. We want to give our employees a range of possibilities for internal development in order to strengthen their key skills.

The training sessions will be organized and run by our colleagues Nana and Christine from Staff Development. Anyone can sign up, regardless whether they are a trainee or a manager. As we have an increasingly international team and not everyone speaks German, all training courses will be offered in English according to demand. The range of courses will be steadily expanded in order to cater to the interests of all employees.

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