5 years young – and already (almost) grown-up

On 22nd August we celebrated our unique success story on the banks of the Elbe with over 1,500 guests. Our games enjoy great popularity worldwide, which after such a short time is anything but taken for granted. Such an excellent achievement would not be possible without our team, which is why we wanted to thank everyone with this anniversary celebration. Not even the Hamburg summer was able to dampen our moods.

It started off at Landungsbrücken at Hamburg harbor, where ten ferries shipped the Goodgame party animals and friends to the previously undisclosed location. Due to the weather conditions there was an indoor beach club that, thanks to the sand, palm trees and surfboards, exuded summer vibes. After dinner, Love Newkirk got the crowd going with her powerful and breathtaking voice before giving the floor to our managing directors, Kai and Christian. Those who expected a long-winded speech were pleasantly surprised. Our founders reminisced about the very early days of Goodgame Studios, there were interesting insights into which hairstyles were considered fashionable at the time, and a film made just for the occasion, which captivated the whole audience. The fireworks were the perfect conclusion to their speech – but not the party. That’s when it really started to kick off. The dance floors were jam-packed, singers showed off their skills in the karaoke lounge and the last of cheerful the party-goers started heading home at around 4:30.

This celebration truly was something special. To all colleagues who make the success of Goodgame Studios possible. Thank you for your dedication!

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Goodgame Studios at gamescom

Once a year, all computer and video game fans have their eyes on Cologne when the gaming industry has a date with gamescom to present their innovations in the historic city. Although last year’s visitor record was not quite met, 335,000 people again flocked to the convention between 13th- 17th August – even though there were no new consoles to admire this year.

What could be admired, however, were our new stands in the business and – for the first time – entertainment areas. After only being able to receive business visitors in previous years, our stand in the consumer area was accessible to all interested convention visitors, who accepted the offer in their droves. Also in our bag was, of course, our new building strategy MMO, Shadow Kings, which was only just released the week of the convention.

Interaction was paramount on both stands. Our bingo box gave many of the visitors a good laugh at the consumer stand, where they were able to get information about exciting jobs to get them into the games sector and with a bit of skill, win some cool prizes. Our approach was naturally a bit calmer in the business visitors area. Here, less movement and more communication was our priority, and our coffee bar made for a good attraction and location for many good conversations and successful meetings with business partners, potential applicants and journalists. Many people came by more than once to get a caffeine hit to recharge their batteries amid the stress of the convention.

We were also present at the developer’s conference GDC Europe, which took place in the run up to the convention. With the announcement that in the future we will also develop games for the target audience of core-players and have thus licensed the use of high-end technology Unreal 4 Engine, we were able to provide plenty to talk about.

By the end of the convention, all Goodgamers on location were in agreement that the trip to Cologne was once again a success.

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The Story of the Horse in the Living Room

If you want to be successful in the games industry, you don’t just need a very good game and a loyal fan base. The right marketing strategy is just as important. That’s the reason we don’t just focus on online marketing – TV advertising is also incredibly important in convincing new players to play our games. We’ve recently begun to delight international TV audiences with a new Goodgame Empire commercial. The filming was supervised by our TV Team, which is part of our in-house conversion department. Anton, our TV Creative Lead, explains why for the first time, we have opted for a real life spot, i.e. a commercial with real people, instead of just with animated graphics: “With our new TV campaign we want to consciously differentiate ourselves from the competition. We want to reach as broad a target audience as possible, that’s why commercials in general are our benchmark. We are certain that with this high-quality spot, which is unique in Germany for this genre, we will be able to make even more players enthusiastic about Goodgame Empire.

The filming near Hamburg was the highlight of the entire two month production. The star of the film is the horse in the medieval costume, who came along with an appropriately diva-esque attitude. A ramp had to be built as the horse outright refused to go up stairs – even though there were only three. Despite this, or maybe because of this, it didn’t take long for Smoky to attract a crowd of admirers. The school next door ensured that he had a big fan club. Thanks to scrupulous preparations – treatment, script, shot list and the contents were animated beforehand – everything was wrapped up after one day of filming so that the clip could celebrate its premiere in Germany on 1st August. 20 more countries are to follow.

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